Our Approach

The Akrea Telematix Consulting team can help you optimize your investment in telematics-based products, services, and pricing models. With us, you get independent expert guidance and best practices. We can help you get to market faster with an effective telematics program that gets real results, based on machine learning and AI, to beat out competitors to win the most valuable customers. We have moved from the collection and analysis of static data to that of dynamic data, which represent a significant change in the standard insurance model.

Further, Akrea Telematix will support the stages of BizDev Strategies, Realization, Operations, Marketing, Analytics.

Our Deliverables

We can help achieve the following improvements from telematics:

• 20-30% reduced claims frequency

• 5-14% reduction in settlement time

• 30% reduction in indemnity costs

• 80% reduction in fraud

• 12% improvement in combined ratio.