Everyone drives differently

We believe that your unique driving style and habits should impact your insurance premium. Our solutions provide personalized feedback about your driving to help you drive safer and your insurance carrier with analysis to help them more accurately price your insurance premium.

Save money through safer driving

Traditionally, insurance premiums have been based on a set of static metrics such as age, gender and location. Safe drivers end up paying more than they should to subsidize less careful drivers. Telematics policyholders only pay for their actual risk, resulting in up to a 30% reduction in premiums.

Driving assessment programs

Using Akrea Telematix’s solutions, insurance carriers monitor your driving behavior and craft a personalized policy around your precise needs.

Pay-As-You-Drive (PAYD) programs

Telematics allows insurers to offer innovative products such as pay-per-kilometer insurance, helping low-mileage drivers save on premiums.

Accident forgiveness programs

Accidents happen. When they do, insurers can use telematics to monitor behavior and offer discounts for behaviors that improve over time.

Claims Assist

If an event occurs and you need assistance, Akrea Telematix’s programs allow insurers to be there when you need it most. Through crash detection and claims reconstruction, your insurer can understand who is liable for an accident, streamline the vehicle repair cost calculation, and improve personal injury estimation. This makes the claims process more efficient, reduces administration time, and speeds up repairs.

The services that you might need

By leveraging our platform and partners ecosystem, Akrea Telematix can offer the services you need in the event that something happens to you or your vehicle.

Roadside assistance

The Akrea Telematix Security Control Room is instantly accessible from your vehicle. They can take information and dispatch breakdown help direct to your location at any time.

Emergency services

In case of an crash, Akrea Telematix technology automatically sends out an alert that can dispatch emergency services. This can speed up response time by 50% and save hundreds of lives every year.

Stolen vehicle recovery

A Security Control Room is automatically alerted if your vehicle is stolen or used without your knowledge. Stolen vehicles can be tracked quickly, with a 90% recovery rate within 24 hours.

In-vehicle Camera Solution with Telematics

This is an advanced incident analysis technology. Using video footage captured with in-vehicle and road facing cameras, Akrea Vision allows fleet managers to see driving related incidents for themselves, ultimately puts fleet managers at the scene and in control.

Alcohol activated Immobilizer

Drink driving is the second leading cause of driving fatalities after speed. Employers can be held liable if one of their drivers are tested positive for alcohol – even more so in the case of accident. There is nothing worse for the image of a transport company than a road accident involving one of its vehicles. Worse still is if the driver is found to be responsible, especially if he is under the influence of alcohol.

Improved profitability

Telematics data provides a step-change improvement in risk assessment over traditional factors that are largely proxies for how, how much, when, and where vehicles are operated. The Akrea Telematix Score ensures insurers can get to market quickly with a telematics-driven score that is highly predictive of risk and provides a significant improvement to their underwriting results.