How we help Insurers?

We help insurers attract and retain the most desired and profitable clients and develop better relationships in general with policyholders and reward the best among them with discounts and special offers.

We help build mutually informed engagement, which equals to loyalty and profits for both insurers and insureds. Direct interaction and engagement with customers could reduce churn, increase consumer value and create additional direct marketing opportunities.

Instant communication

Insurance carriers engage with their customers less frequently than almost any other industry. This leads to lower retention, decreased satisfaction, and missed opportunities to help customers actively participate in risk reduction. Akrea Telematix platform allows insurers to translate IoT data into automated, personalized engagements that drive positive business outcomes.

Increased engagement

Akrea Telematix’s platform allows insurers to create automated, personalized communications that respond to individual behaviors. These helpful, positive micro-engagements help insurers become a more active part of their insureds’ life.

Mitigated risk

Insurance IoT data can be used to identify safe or risky behavior and provide feedback to policyholders in the moment. Safe behavior can be reinforced via loyalty, rewards, and gamification programs.

Increased satisfaction

IoT data gives unprecedented insights into policyholders and their behaviors. Deeper knowledge of customer behavior leads to better interactions and increases satisfaction. Insight into asset or policyholder behavior during a loss event can lead to significantly improved claims process, critical to overall customer satisfaction.

More profitable book of business through personalized insurance

The Akrea Telematix Marketplace is a telematics platform enabling insurers to make personalized insurance offers to pre-scored drivers from third party data suppliers. We analyze and score uniform and non-uniform data using Akrea Telematix Score to provide qualified leads for your individualized insurance offers. Akrea Telematix removes barriers to new policyholder acquisition, expands insurers’ ability to identify and underwrite drivers, and creates a path for insurers to improve their book of business.

Usage-based insurance programs drive down combined ratios

Akrea Telematix’s platform-based insurance telematics solutions provide the full set of features and capabilities needed to get to market with a new usage-based insurance product. Our solutions ensure you can price risk better, manage adverse events more efficiently, and engage your policyholder more effectively – resulting in double-digit improvements to your combined ratio.

Risk Assessment and Management:

  •          To improve risk model predictiveness through IoT, as a better way to assess policyholder risk: Insurers have traditionally had no way to observe the true risk posed by an individual policyholder.
  •          To personalize insurance: Customers want their insurance products personalized to their needs and priced transparently. IoT sensors enable insurers to clearly understand the risk of loss posed by a policy and therefore offer truly individualized insurance products. Personalized feedback on how to reduce risk and insurance premiums lead to increased customer satisfaction and retention.