Our proposal

Akrea Telematix invites hospitals, health insurers and other medical care providers to participate in innovative solutions for wireless monitoring and identification of high-risk patients, both in hospital and at home. We propose solutions to develop, implement and maintain a system to connect patients and health and medical carers to monitor patients’ vital signs via smart wearable devices, and identify high risk individuals, aimed at reducing death and disability from undetected deterioration and at safer care.

The Clinical Need

Patients die because signs of deterioration are missed. There is a huge unfulfilled need for better monitoring of vital signs and other data to identify high-risk patients who are on general hospital wards or at home. Early detection of physiological instability is crucial to prevent death and disability.

The cause

In the end, after successful (commercial) implementation in the healthcare market, Akrea Telematix ’s long term performance can be described in the following ‘performance indicators’:

  •    Safe reduction of Length of Stay (LOS) in the hospital
  •    Reduced number of avoidable re-admissions to Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  •    Faster re-admission to ICU for patients who do need escalation of care
  •    Reduction of mortality
  •    Reduction of additional costs of care.