Stage Process

  • Brainstorm & Define Scope, NDA & MoU: Discuss & Agree on ideas and concepts, viable options and alternatives, resources needed.
  • Research & feasibility Study, Business case and Financial projections: Customer needs and competitors analyzed, Product description, design, and features clearly documented, Implementation, Risks & Costs Drivers and limits specified.
  • Final product design and pricing documents agreed for underwriting: Actuarial pricing & profit testing sustainability & competitiveness.
  • Scoring and ML models definition and development.
  • Design, development and testing the new Telematics Digitally compatible Rating Engine (DRE) and the corresponding smart PAS components related to the personalization offers and specific customer and risk segmentations that support the new sales process – Akrea Telematix Analytics (ATA)
  • Integration with existing PAS and Billing modules.
  • Design, development and testing of mobile apps – Akrea Telematix Dashboard (ATD) and Akrea Telematix VA (ATVA)
  • Integration between the IoT platform and SA/DRE applications
  • Development of sales process logistic including Telematics device installation, administration, support, maintenance, training.
  • Pre-production test

Each customer is a unique.

Thus, we help custom-make products and pricing.

We help identify prospects for a new connected insurance product within auto telematics program with advanced analytics.

We make pricing of insurance products more accurate and customer friendly by analyzing the client’s data and behavior patterns from a 360 view.

We help with actuarial product development techniques that leverage on data analytics to inform competitive pricing.

We offer expertise on both the technical and innovative aspects.