Data analytics

  • Detect Driving
  • Collect Sensors Data
  • Data Processing
  • Scores & Analytics

Data cleaning

Key features

  • Data collection: Ingests and hosts IoT data from virtually any data source or provider.
  • Data normalization and enrichment: Normalizes ingested data and enriches it with contextual data.
  • Streaming event processing: Provides behavior-based event triggers through real-time analytics.


  • Market-ready scores: Go to market with Akrea Telematix’s pre-approved auto telematics Akrea Telematix Score, or use
  • Score development services: Develop your own scoring using platform-enabled analytics tools.

The driving score for Akrea Telematix

It reliably quantifies the risk associated with a specific driving behavior.

The main scoring categories are:

  • Speeding: Measures the distance and time of driving over the speed limit and the exceedance of the speed limit
  • Distraction: Measures distraction caused by mobile use during driving
  • Braking: Measures the frequency and intensity of harsh brakes and braking aggressiveness
  • Acceleration: Measures the frequency and intensity of harsh accelerations and accelerating aggressiveness.
  • Mileage: Helps calculate distance driven : risk ratios.

The driving score is calculated using a large number of variables, parameters and a sophisticated algorithm developed by our research and engineering team in the fields of driving behavior analysis, traffic accident analysis, distracted driving, road safety, transportation engineering, modelling / big data statistics and ML.

User feedback

For every trip a user completes, we record a large amount of data and we produce a large number of metrics and features in order to evaluate driving behavior. Akrea Telematix  Data Science Team has developed algorithms that filter the most critical information, the Highlights of each trip, that are communicated to the users together with a customized message based on their driving behavior in the specific trip and their overall driving profile and performance.